24-7 Futsal Academy

24-7 Futsal Academy


– What they do:

24-7 Futsal Academy is a professional sports organization that boast numerous coaches with professional playing and coaching background in the sport of Futsal and soccer.

– Attributes to communicate:

#1 – Professional
#2 – Cool
#3 – Fun

– Target Audience:

Demographics: Teenagers between below the age of 19
Sex: Male and Female
Location: United States (San Francisco Bay Area)
Income: Medium – High
Industry: Sports
Interest: Soccer, Futsal, Sports

– Color Preferences:

Red, black and white

– Additional Information:

24-7 Futsal Academy is a joint venture between Futsal Republic and 24-7 UK Soccer Academy.

  • Client 24-7 Futsal Academy
  • Date July 20, 2009
  • Tags Branding, Other work