– What they do:

This kids yoga business offers fun and creative yoga and relaxation classes to increase flexibility, co-ordination, self confidence and self esteem to 4-11 year old children.

– Attributes to communicate:

#1 – That this company is very professional and provides safe and educational yoga programs
#2 – The company is fun, magical, and the answer to parents probmlems
#3 – This company is honest and trusting

– Target Audience:

Parents with young children (3-12) in Sydney on the north shore and northern beaches (wealthy district). Parents who already do yoga and want their children to do it too. They are also interested in healthy food and healthy lifestyle and the environment. Parents who have children that are struggling at school. The parents are looking to help their child. This logo also has to appeal to the children. It has to be fun and look magical.

– Color Preferences:

The main colour will be Purple – spirituality and imagination
Smaller colours will be red, yellow, (for example, red sunglasses or a yellow nose)

– Additional Information:

– This logo needs to appeal to kids and parents. Maybe a small girl and boy cartoon dressed up as a dragonfly? The dragonfly could be flying with a trail of magical dust behind it.

  • Client Dragonflyoga Australia
  • Date September 23, 2013
  • Tags Branding
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