Hope Reins

Hope Reins


– Attributes to communicate:

#1 – Connection between horse and child
#2 – Healing and freedom from past – taking the reins of their healing
#3 – Comfort and safety

– Target Audience:

1. Business professionals (individuals, corporate) for donations.
2. Non-profit organizations that support children in need (group homes, social services) Those that have a love for helping children. Child-advocates.
3. Equine professionals, animal lovers, people who spend their lives around horses.
4. Volunteers, Christians, those who have a heart for children and horses.
All are in Raleigh.

– Color Preferences:

Earth tones like red, brown, blue and purple.

– Additional Information:

  • Client Hope Reins of Raleigh
  • Date July 10, 2010
  • Tags Branding, Ilustrative
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