Jennifer Mendoza Photography

Jennifer Mendoza Photography


– What they do:

I photograph families of all ages in their homes or the places they love, wherever they are comfortable and can be themselves, in a modern, informal style.

– Attributes to communicate:

#1 – Professional – credibility
#2 – Approachable – not overly formal or intimidating
#3 – Simple, modern sense of style

– Target Audience:

Parents who have means and a modern sense of style, who are looking for premium photography service and product, not something formal or cookie-cutter. Upper middle class, college educated, mostly female, sophisticated, living in metropolitan areas of the southeastern US.

– Color Preferences:

Yellow and Grey. I’m open to other ideas, but that is what I have in mind. Want it to be mostly neutral as it will appear most on my photography blogsite and don’t want it to interfere or compete with my images.

– Additional Information:

– Would like to subtly incorporate the new logo into a tiled pattern for my new site’s background. Should work as a single color.

  • Client Jennifer Mendoza Photography
  • Date March 20, 2010
  • Tags Branding
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