Sea Creeper

Sea Creeper


– What they do:

Need a logo for a father who is called a creeper by his kids friends who have known him their entire lives. He keeps in touch with them even when they were in college and they joke that he is a creeper. Fun loving group of people meant in a fun loving way, need a logo for our friend, nicknamed the sea creeper. He loves boating.

– Attributes to communicate:

#1 – The Sea Creeper, John, keeps an eye on all the children to make sure they are not getting in trouble.
#2 – This group of families loves to boat together.
#3 – The families enjoy doing a great deal of things around the water together.

– Target Audience:

All of the families in our local community who hang out with the Sea Creeper and his large family.

– Color Preferences:

Blue, aqua, orange, lime green, yellow, coral

– Additional Information:

– Make it fun for a large group of 18-25 year old children who love to joke about John, the sea creeper. He always is keeping an eye on them so they do not get into trouble.

  • Client Sea Creeper
  • Date September 23, 2013
  • Tags Branding, Ilustrative