Silly Goose

Silly Goose


– What they do:

Online retailer featuring fun, whimsical and fresh gear for both infants and older children (up to about age 7).

– Attributes to communicate:

#1 – Fun
#2 – Whimsical
#3 – Quality

– Target Audience:

Mothers in their thirties and forties with children ages birth to 7 years of age; middle to upper class income either who are stay-at-home moms or work in some sort of professional trade; previous education up to the undergraduate level.

– Color Preferences:

2 or 3 color combination using pink, green, blue or orange. Needs to be unisex. No more than a 3 color combo. Away from pastels and cutesy.



  • Client Silly Goose
  • Date July 20, 2010
  • Tags Branding, Print